The ethereal Jesus of many professing church goers today, divorced from the harsh realities of daily living and the acknowledgement of them, is a Jesus alien to God’s Word.

Fan into Flame

As the sun rose on the Twenty First Century, it was clear that something was wrong in the stuffy and traditional confines of the American Church: the church people within the building had lost connection with the community people outside of it. In so doing, they lost their burning relationship with Jesus Christ, who came from the very throne room of God to be in relationship with those alienated from Him.

In Fan Into Flame, we follow the relational story of Peter the Apostle with Jesus: from the simple spark ignited at their first meeting, through the trials by fire over three years, to the heart wrenching failure of Peter’s denial. Throughout, the fisherman must step outside of his familiar surroundings with a bold willingness to have his weaknesses exposed, his sinfulness revealed, and his very life threatened. Peter must lose what he thought was important, gain what he could not obtain, and discover the commitment Jesus demands, the cost Jesus invites him to endure, and an incomprehensible love Jesus desires to give.

Like Peter, the church need not fear the unfamiliar or its own failures. It need only fear quenching the fire of the One who will never abandon her through both. This is the story of a true Christian Arsonist.